Tropic Extra02 | V.A. – 5 years Tropic Netlabel

Here we are again after a long break. But it was worth the waiting as we want to create something special for the fifth anniversary of our little Netlabel.

We are happy to cooperate with the amazing Pointbarre Designers from Montreal who create this wonderful artwork. So you can make your own special Tropic Cd out of it.

Special lovely thanks to Jim and Catherine for working on this!

On this release there are close friends of our label, great artists that wanna spread their music worldwide and still believe in the power of netlabel music like i do. We lost a lot of good netlabels the last years because the digital market is growing so much, but what about selling a few copies that nobody realizes indeed of reaching thousands with a netlabel and get love from all over the world. In these days of capitalism, promotion and marketing strategies, we are a embassy of  community based and noncommercial music. Enjoy the music as always 🙂 spread love!


01. Sebastian Araos – Uldsayan

02. Intronauta – Pesadillas

03. Emmerichk – Circular

04. Alisu – Americas Occidental

05. Sven Laux – Poi

06. Dimitar Dodovski – Public space

07. Basstk – Salty steps

08. Lucid Picnic – We disintegrate

09. Danieto – Abriendo paso alto

10. Jack Plug – Pasaje

11. D.Soul – Estrellas

12. Hans Carstens – Delayed

13. La RĂ©sistance – El suesco del proceso

14. Mint 4000 – Magic house

15. Markus Masuhr – Redection

Tropic 64 | Databoy78 – Piano works ep

64Databoy78 got a 12” PowerBook and makes most of his music in trains or in beds worldwide or at friend’s places.

Field recodings and foley recordings and the perfect balance between digital clearness and analaog warm heat are the basics of his music. His new ep on Tropic features 4 Tracks based on Piano sounds plus a remix by helsinki collective Kitkaliitto. We like to thank Ann-Sophie for the great cover artwork!

1. Song for my wife
2. Dabrum || download mp3
3. Brain
4. Travel
5. Song for my wife ( Kitkaliitto Remix )

Tropic 63 | Dimitar Dodovski – Fiction makes sense ep

Dimitar Dodovski is a dj, producer and graphic designer from Macedonia. While making his tracks he puts focus on texture, layers, various loops and fragments which interfere with each other thus making a complex acoustic entity. We are happy to welcome this great artist on Tropic with his new ep “Fiction makes sense”

1. Nitetime
2. If we´re apart || download mp3
3. Subliminal dancer
4. Larva, Larvae (false)
5. Vintage ghost

tropic 48

Hans Carstens with an ocean deep release full of nice sounds. music with a warm and organic vibe that lets you dive into catchy soundscapes. fly away with his plane to higher spheres…also on board his friends with remixes of every track.

1. passenger
2. flying
3. airport
4. airport (carlo remix)
5. passenger (d.soul remix)
6. flying (dat sun remix)

Tropic 55 | Jahzique – Transcience ep

As the rain began to ease, the sun began to shine and through the greyness of the air
came the blue skies piercing through the clouds a guy from japan create music for this scenery. musical poetry, dramatic, energetic electronica to dream away and escape from the hectic and speed of the world. Our good friend Carlo let us return to dance with his work on the remix.

1. Transience
2. Reflection
3. Dead Flower
4. Dead Flowers (Carlo alive Remix)

tropic 51

Mathis Johnsen show his musical talent on his first appearance for tropic. im garten mit paul is playful deep house with attention to the percussion and a funky mood. get your dancing shoes on, dudes!

1. im garten mit paul
2. sonnenkinder
3. lichtenhain
4. träumen mit paul

[TRO66] Alisu – Un azar diseñado por mi

Alisu is Jessica Campos de la Paz, from Viña del Mar, Chile, graphic designer and musician since she was adolescent. She take part as an artist and active collaborator of Pueblo Nuevo, Impar and Modismo netlabels. Her compositions are warm and ambient, very delicate and feminine, always with contagious rhythms, subtle melodies and her beautiful processed voice plus robotic sounds.

1. Garra de leon
2. Americas Occidental Bogotá
3. Mono Jaramillo
4. Solitaria
5. Casa embrujada

tropic 47

Time for something special. deymare bring us soulful, jazzy and very playful house. music to lay back or for smooth dancing, dreaming, loving and forget about the time.

1. salsa dip
2. the soul of man
3. lonesome cowboy
4. the state of things as they actually exist
5. treehouse

tropic 37

yes, sweden is on the way to rock the dancefloors. a grooving straightness, crisp and always pushing, ture is playing around nicely with the arrangement and fading in and out some nice effects. jeff bennett takes mörker to the more driving techhouse side. nice one!

1. mörker
2. skyffen
3. krumelur
4. mörker (jeff bennett remix)

Tropic 60 | Sven Laux – Flat cinema car ep

Yes. Sven Laux is back on Tropic. After Juste Tropical and Coco he presents a new masterpiece of his unique experimental minimal sound. One of the main figures in the netlabel scene and now rising to the next level releasing his music on labels like archipel, spontan and microcosm. But Sven is one of the few guys who will not forget his roots and we are happy about that. And not enough. Tom Ellis, Dr. Nojoke, Diffuse and D.Soul put their hands on the tracks to create some nice remixes!

flat cinema car
bread milk newspaper
flat cinema car ( Tom Ellis Remix )
flat cinema car ( Dr.Nojoke cliknicolor mix )
flat cinema car ( D.Soul Remix )
bread milk newspaper ( Diffuse Remix )

Tropic 59 | Algn – Colihue ep

Chile is a country with a great electronic music culture and Miguel Jáuregui is a guy that lives this culture to the fullest. Running the netlabel Epasonidos with friends, organising events and making music under his moniker Algn, Miguel is a mulittalented guy. If it comes to his music, you can hear his musical education as he studies it and we are happy to present his first ep out of epasonidos. On his ep for tropic he create 4 pearls for your listening pleasure. Melodic, dreamful, with a touch of melancholy you also hear two instruments he plays – Guitar and Bass in his arrangements. Welcome to the Tropic family!

1. Dormida
2. Canela
3. Copihue
4. Colihue

Tropic 61 | V.A. – Chile – a compilation of chilean electronic music

Chile is a wonderful country – great landscapes, nice people and a strong electronic music scene. On this compilation we invited our chilean friends to present their music.

As you recognized there was a big earthquake in chile in february and people still need help until today. thousands of chileans lose their home and everything else so if you donate for the download of this compilation the whole amount goes to aid organisations in chile! Thanks!

Please donate here with the keyword “chile compilation”

1. Sebastian Araos – 9T

2. Algn – South clouds

3. Hans Carstens & D.Soul – looking places

4. Danieto – fevero

5. Jack Plug – Emigra

tropic 49

Its getting warmer outside, the sky is blue and the first sunbeams warmth your heart – so here is the right soundtrack. a melodic gentle sound carpet with organic grooves, dubby structures and some acoustic influences. close your eyes and dream away with lucid picnic…

1. panda bear in the
bamboo garden
2. snow dream
3. the act of lounge
4. metathinking on suchness

tropic 50

50 – this compilation represent the sound of tropic to celebrate the 50 th release. many different styles come together like plants in the jungle – each one is different, but they are all beautiful.

1. sumergido – retraso
2. julgast – lutece
3. danieto – arpegios
4. sven laux – my little gap
5. alessandro crimi – tropical sunset
6. miguel colmenares – pajaro tempranero
7. carlo – over the clouds
8. baldo – dive into me
9. mikel mendia – its time to win everything
10. seb steimel – mission seltsam
11. sebastian herre – bacon & loaves
12. sĂĽz – some cakes are made for layering
13. jackson black – carott lets loose
14. metaflux – on a hill top
15. raganova – novela
16. spunky brewster – worlds collide
17. markus masuhr – moments of love
18. lucid picnic – winter reflections
19. d.soul – sonnentanz