Here we are again after a long break. But it was worth the waiting as we want to create something special for the fifth anniversary of our little Netlabel.

We are happy to cooperate with the amazing Pointbarre Designers from Montreal who create this wonderful artwork. So you can make your own special Tropic Cd out of it.

Special lovely thanks to Jim and Catherine for working on this!

On this release there are close friends of our label, great artists that wanna spread their music worldwide and still believe in the power of netlabel music like i do. We lost a lot of good netlabels the last years because the digital market is growing so much, but what about selling a few copies that nobody realizes indeed of reaching thousands with a netlabel and get love from all over the world. In these days of capitalism, promotion and marketing strategies, we are a embassy of  community based and noncommercial music. Enjoy the music as always 🙂 spread love!


01. Sebastian Araos – Uldsayan

02. Intronauta – Pesadillas

03. Emmerichk – Circular

04. Alisu – Americas Occidental

05. Sven Laux – Poi

06. Dimitar Dodovski – Public space

07. Basstk – Salty steps

08. Lucid Picnic – We disintegrate

09. Danieto – Abriendo paso alto

10. Jack Plug – Pasaje

11. D.Soul – Estrellas

12. Hans Carstens – Delayed

13. La RĂ©sistance – El suesco del proceso

14. Mint 4000 – Magic house

15. Markus Masuhr – Redection

Tropic Extra02 | V.A. – 5 years Tropic Netlabel